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I don’t photograph well!

27 Dec

It has been a tough a few days. I have been very sick with an upper respiratory infection, head cold, etc…

But worse off, on Christmas Eve the family wanted to take a few “nice” photos together. We gathered in pairs, threes and even as a group of four and posed over and over. And all I kept hearing was “MOM! Would you stop making that face!” I never even realized I was making one! I was repeatedly told how horrible I looked in each and every picture.

Apparently part of my Christmas gift was going to be a picture of me and my daughter added to a wonderful poem that she wrote for me. Well. Only one pic out of about 50 that were taken was deemed even remotely acceptable. 


As a tweenager Ican understand my daughter not liking me very much, but not liking any pictures of me either….now that’s a little rough! I thought I was supposed to be the one who hated myself in pictures. I wasn’t even given that option! This is going to be a tough few years considering she’s only 12.

Well I will make the best of it since it’s the thought that counts. The poem is wonderful, MOSTLY, I am not really frosty in my opinion. But then again seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes is supposed to be enlightenling.



Hello world!

9 Dec

As my first post I would like to start out by simply saying hello!

I am always going to be first and foremost a mother. I have two wonderful children who complete my world. My second role in life is being the wife of the most loving, caring, understanding, and grounding husband anyone could ask for. My third role in life is to be a member of this wonderful world and play a positive part in it.

I want to spend each day doing everything possible to make sure that the affect that I have upon everyone I meet is positive, supportive and guiding. Whether they are an adult or child in the world of education or just someone I encounter in my every day experiences, I believe completely in the philosophy of “pay it forward”.

I have always been able to get out of life exactly what I put into it and sometimes more.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Ghandi

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