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30 Oct

As I sit here watching students finish up their tests and waiting for the rest of the classes to finish as well I am wondering one thing. Why?

I understand why we test, that isn’t what I mean, what I do mean is why do we put so much pressure on the shoulders of these children?

The two questions that always come to mind that are on these tests are “What most likely…? and “Which is the best answer….?” Now you can add these questions to just about any reading comprehension story that a student is being tested with and you have a very difficult question on your hands.

Here is what I want to know, as an adult are you faced with these same two questions sometimes and are you at a loss for words, because I know that I am!

So how can we expect pre-teens and teens that can just about pick out what they are going to wear to school to pick the best answer when the tests are designed to make the answer choices difficult. Inferencing is a skill that comes with time and experience and many don’t develop it even in their adult years.

Does it really matter what the child can infer in 6th grade at the end of the 1st quarter or should we be allowing teachers to teach the new Common Core curriculum to the very best of their capabilities and giving them every resources possible to help our leaders of the future succeed?

Let’s give teachers secretaries to do their paperwork and give them more time to plan and create amazing lessons that will give our children what they need.  Teachers need to spend less time creating test after test to find out what the students don’t know! Teachers already know that!!!!!!

Back to the Common Core! It was created so that everyone would be teaching almost the same thing at almost the same time at every grade level across the country. Then shouldn’t the testing be the same?

Some one created the curriculum, now someone should create the END OF THE YEAR test and move on.Instead we are all fumbling to start teaching the curriculum so that when the test if finally ready the kids will be able to take it. I was always taught you start with the test and move backwards…..So was I taught the wrong way?

By all means I believe we are heading in the right direction, I am just wondering who we are following…..


Through My Children’s Eyes

30 Oct

We are all home for the summer.

That includes me, the teacher/mom.

After reading all of these posts on Facebook about how many more parents appreciate  the fact that teachers are under paid once they have been home for a few weeks with their own kids!

I see it completely differently. Don’t get me wrong, I  love being a teacher and I always have. I only took the standard 6 weeks off and went back to work after the birth of both of my children. I have always wanted to be a working mom.


This summer it seems to be different….I can’t even begin to tell you how much more time I wish I had with my kids.

No matter how much the two boogers argue (they are only 18 months apart, so it’s like having twins!). No matter how messy the house keeps getting. No matter how quickly we go through a gallon of milk (Two days, really? Is there a milk thief somewhere)

I can’t seem to get enough!

I want to sit in the yard and watch them swim, swing, run around, and just be silly. I want to sit on the couch and watch cartoons with them, I want to play Sims on my computer and have them giggle uncontrollably at how bad I am at computer games. I want to bake cakes, and watch my daughter frost them, I want to play poker with my son and have me tell me how terrible I am at my “poker face”.

I know….I want, I want, I want!

Well, I guess I figured out why yesterday. As we were just sitting around talking about like in general the world is a beautiful place “through my children’s eyes”. I like what I see and I really want to see a lot more of it!

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