A Fresh Start

14 Aug

Walking in the doors of the school this year was very different. Most everything was locked up tight and there were still desks in the hall and the third floor was off limits due to wax that wasn’t dry yet. Last year I entered during October and the school year was well under well.

This year it seems the possiblities are endless. Behind me soon entered three new faces. All new to the school, but not new to the business. It was amazing how their faces radiated the energy and life of wanted to make a difference in the lives of children so early on a Monday morning in August. We all introduced ourselves and wandered slowly to the Media Center to hunker down for a long day of learning how to better integrate the Arts into our everyday curriculum instead of just into our Magnet theme.

Within minutes we were joined by numbers of other veteran and new teachers just as eager to be there.

What am I getting at…well I was invigorated for sure, and so was everyone else. It was just that a fresh start for the teachers and we have to remember to give every student a fresh start when the new year begins. We are their opportunity to begin again no matter what last year was like, or what their summer was like, or even what yesterday was like.

We are their fresh start each day, we have to give them a chance to begin again each day no matter what mistakes they have made in the past or how terrible we thought they were yesterday, they deserve a blank slate each day. Are you willing to do that for them?


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