Wrong Place…Right Time….

18 Jan

Have you ever felt like a hamster in a wheel? Well today was one of those days.

My list of things to do was 2 pages long when the day began and when the day ended the list was just as long. I accomplished a number of things, what they were I can’t really tell you at this moment but I know they were worthwhile and needed to get done. Sometimes just being where you are needed is an important thing.

In the world of education when you are no longer in the classroom many people take your job for granted. They believe you don’t “do anything” any more. You are always available to test small groups. You leave the building often for training and workshops (that often finish long after the school day ends). You are often seen wandering the building which must mean you have nothing in particular to do. In general, you are considered an appendage that can be placed wherever you are needed.

Today I chose to place myself in a number of places that I didn’t need to be. I did hall duty numerous times because quite a few teachers were absent and I knew the extra eyes and ears were needed. I happened to walk into a few classes to observe  fabulous lessons going on.

I was able to stop /deescalate

A Day in the Life

Wrong Place...Right Time

a  girl fight in the hallway. This is by no means an easy task. These two girls were intent upon fighting and I was surrounded by a group of kids that wanted to see some action. But once again I was in the wrong place at the right time. The center of a circle of students with two girls about fight without any other adults, but armed with the knowledge of how to get these two girls away from one another.

Distraction…and so it went…..the students focused on the fight about to happen…I called for the one teacher that I could see to get help.

Then I went back and forth talking to the girls so they couldn’t focus on each other, as I did this the crowd around me began to dissipate as teachers became aware of the situation and corralled students into the classrooms. I finally looked up and saw administration coming and they separated the girls and disaster was averted! What an amazing feeling, keeping these two girls from harming each other and not letting anyone else get involved either.

I was in the wrong place…at the right time!


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